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The story begins in 1917 when Nearchos Clerides, a teacher in the village, envisioned the spread of rose cultivation (Rosa Damascene) by founding the 'Students' Association for the Propagation of the Rose'. The production of rosewater started immediately with the first distillery in 1918 operating in the Field Boys' School. 

Over time, the demand for Rodostagma Agros increased, as the villagers saw and experienced the benefits offered by the cultivation of rhodes. 

From 1961 until today, the distillation and marketing of Rodostagma has been undertaken by the Cooperative Company of Rose Field Producers.



Every year in May, the village of Agros is hosting a rose festival, dedicated to the
beautifully scented Damascus roses used to make all sorts of cosmetic and culinary
products in Cyprus. 

Rose Harvesting